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Lunaria has been established as a tattoo shop in Nagpur for delivering stylish body art and fancy designer tattoos in-sync to the latest fashion trends. With time we have developed our skills and creativity to stay true to our commitment.

It’s our pleasure to excite and enthrall clients with a feeling of beyond imagination. To delight present generation with an irresistible sensation.

At Lunaria, we have always surprised our guests with our engaging works resulting in a pleased and loyal clientele. We guarantee to offer you the services as the best tattoo artists in Nagpur!

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Tattooing is a person’s acceptance of body as a canvas painted with ink.BODY ART
Body is a canvas for us. Tattooing and Piercing is our forte and we do it our way. Neat and clean, hygienic processes make us a preferable choice among our existing and new clientele. Each and every job at Lunaria is treated with same passion.

Our styles range from classics to modern and our concepts from subtle to detail oriented. With an array of admirable designs and patterns we have touched hearts and inked memorable experiences throughout our years of performing body art.

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