Getting a Tattoo

Lunaria Tattoos: Tattoo Designing, Nagpur

At Lunaria, tattoo designing is a simple enjoyable experience. We suggest our clients to do some research for the image and style they like. We may incur some corrections to your design to make sure it can be tattooed.


Dot Work

Tattoo can be done on whole body. We do Ankle, Arm, Back, Bicep, Full Back, Buttocks, Calf, Chest, Ear, Face, Foot, Forearm, Full Leg, Half Sleeve, Hand, Hip, Knee, Lower Back, Neck, Rib-cage, Shoulder, Stomach, Thigh, Upper Back and Wrist Tattoos.

We offer free consultations for those who have an idea of what they want and are not sure if it will work. Not every situation needs a consultation, but we are more than happy to sit and discuss customer ideas. We encourage consultations for questionable portraits, cover ups, scars and other situations. While booking a consultation, it is important to bring printed reference images you may have for us to understand the direction you want to go in.

While booking an appointment, you will be required to make a minimum deposit of Rs.2000/- to secure your spot. Without a deposit, there is no real commitment to the appointment and the spot will be kept open. Once the Tattooing is done, the deposit will be honored towards the total cost of the Tattoo. Our services are by appointment only, although we will be more than happy to accommodate walk-ins, as per the availability of time.

While getting tattooed at Lunaria, you will notice that we take every precautions to prevent cross contamination. Every sterile needle and tube being used is opened in front of client. Surfaces are covered with a bag, sleeve, barrier film, or a dry back dental bib to prevent cross contamination. After Tattooing we explain how to care for your Tattoo. After every session the studio undergoes thorough disinfectant process before starting with the next client.


Every person getting tattooed must be at least 18 years of age with proper government issued photo identity. We do Tattoo Minors for 16 and 17 years old also.  But 16 TO 17 years need to show parental permission. We may cross check with parents for permission. Any minor to be tattooed must have a photo ID (School ID) but we prefer clients 18 years and older.

‘AFTER TATTOO’ CARE: Upon completion of your tattoo, we wrap the Tattooed part with plastic that should be for an hour or two then it can be gently taken off. Plastic wraps keeps skin safe from bacteria and other impurities. After taking off the plastic rinse-off and pat dry using a clean paper towel. Let the Tattoo air out for a minute then apply a thin, light coat of A&D Ointment or Fucidine cream. Check the Tattoo periodically to make sure it is lightly moist. Wash the tattoo for twice a day and apply only the given ointment once washed and dried. Never apply new ointment over existing layer.The key to healing the tattoo well is to keep it moist, but make sure you do not overdo it with ointment.

From the second day till a week apply Fucidine cream daily 2-3 times and wash your tattoo gently before applying cream. During the healing process -NO SUN, NO GYM, NO SWIMMING, NO OCEAN, NO SOAKING IN WATER OF ANY KIND for at least 7 days.

The Tattoo may flake and peel, do not pick at it. Allow it to do so on its own. Once the Tattoo begins to peel off ointment is not needed. Now switch to a moisturizing lotion, may apply the lotion as much desired, always keeping your tattoo moist.


At Lunaria,we take pride in providing all our clients with a safe and a healthy Tattooing atmosphere. We ensure safety of our clients by using only the hygienic instruments, products and utilities.

Needles and Machines are obviously an important part of Tattooing. Every machine being used for a tattoo is either pre-sterilized or sterilized on site. Every needle is for one-time use only and is disposed into packed dustbins for better safety.

Before every Tattoo you will physically see fresh needles, and medical supplies (cotton swabs, gauze, etc.) from its own individual sterile pack. The Tattoo stations are fresh setups. Work Stations, Tattoo Machines, Cords, Power Supplies, and furniture are all covered with protective barriers (dental bibs, machine bags, cord covers, drape sheets) to prevent cross contamination as well. At Lunaria,we are confident in our abilities to provide all of our clients with a safe and friendly environment. Please feel free to ask to see our sterilization process.