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painless tattoo nagpur

Painless Tattoos are no longer just a fragment of one’s imagination. Nowadays there are range of products that we use at Lunaria Tattoos for a painless tattooing experience. These products are generally called topical anesthetics and they work by making the skin numb. Some of the types of products we use are:

  1. Numbing Spray It works immediately upon skin contact, making it a perfect product in keeping painless tattoo while we concentrate on creating a mind-blowing masterpiece!
  2. Numbing Gel like Lox Gel Numbing Gel is specially formulated to keep the skin from developing redness or irritation. Numbing gel’s effectiveness lasts for about 2 hours even without reapplication!
  3. Numbing Cream Just like sprays and gels, creams temporarily make the pain receptors on your skin numb, making it possible for you to experience a sensational Tattoo Session. You can stay assured of a comfortable, pain-free and enjoyable tattoo experience at Lunaria Tattoos. The products that we use are completely safe and have been tried and tested before.

But it’s true that everyone has a different threshold of pain. What one person considers not painful at all could be devastating to another. Some people describe the feeling as a hot scratch. Some said it was annoying. Most say it was not nearly as bad as they feared. But the feeling of getting a Tattoo is far beyond the pain. Few people like the pain of Tattooing. For such clients we do without medicated numbing or Anesthesia gel. But yes, Lunaria has a specialization in Painless Tattoos.

 High Standards of Sanitation are maintained: Hygiene is the most important part when it comes to Tattoos. A lot of people avoid getting Tattoos even if they are interested in having one, because of hygiene and safety reasons. There is a prevailing Myth that after Tattooing one may get skin cancer, some skin diseases or Tattoo will turn into a scar.

Lunaria Observes the comfort level of each client.”